• Distribution means new audiences and process means more content



    Platforms are constantly evolving and communities move with them. Journalists need to make assessments of where their audiences are on which platforms to reach them


    Reading social analytics needs to be part of the day to day so that you can work out what content is working for you, what your audiences like to share. Remember: sharing and favouriting is a huge endorsement.


    Scraping content from around the web and
    automating content production can boost your outputs.
    Control the process not it controlling you. 


    At the mercy of one of the largest
    gatekeepers of the Internet

    Pages or profiles?

    Different functions

    Using a profile (under 5000 friends) helps organic reach and offers a different journalism. Change the profile picture or cover photo = notifications + user picture.

    Be seen

    Algorithm = loss of control

    1. Users chose favourites. Settings - news feed preferences = prioritise who to see first. 2. Remember to tag people cc

    Responsive Badge

    A small tagline

    To get ‘very responsive to messages’ badge (need response rate of 80% and a media response time of 5 mins) Instant Replies aren't included in your Page's response rate or response time

    Know the insights

    Reach Engagement Likes

    Total Reach is unique people who have seen any content associated with your Page (7 days). Post Reach is unique people who have seen your posts. People Engaged is the number who have clicked, liked, commented on or shared your posts during the last 7 days. Likes, Comments, Shares and Post Clicks show the totals for these actions in the last 7 days.

    For more in depth

    Simply measured

    A round up of good advice to look into on Facebook analytics and alternative tools. To analyze your followers and content free reports here

    Facebook Group


    You need to use Grytics or another external solution for group analytics. (five groups allowed for free) only basic analysis offered.

    Paid content?

    Boosted post

    Paid content on Facebook and Twitter = boost posts (ROI) when best time to do it and for how long? are you equip to ride the wave within an hour?


    For intimate connections and direct engagement, but needs one to one. Promote the account phone number on other channels. For more


    LINE - Japanese Chat App

    MEIPAI - Chinese answer to Vine + Snapchat

    KIK - North America


    Facebook Messenger

    More on messenger than the social network

    Click on ... (more) for apps such as Doodle Draw Game to draw collaboratively. Use Facebook Messenger for desktop. Other functions: location (for verification too), video chat, pin groups


    Annoyingly compelling to the under 24s

    Snapchat's Live Stories allows people in a specific location to contribute to a crowdsourced video piece the whole community can view. Snapchat lets users write and draw on top of content from publishers n Discovery before sharing with friends (tap and hold then edit)


    Chat encryption for the masses

    62 million monthly users in Iran, India, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Spain. Channels allowing broadcasts access to an unlimited number of users; open source code and bot API; seamless syncing across mobiles, tablets, and PCs; ability to send multiple file types, including docs, MP3s, video, images, and compressed files of up to 1.5 gigabytes.


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    Does provide a means of reaching Chinese diaspora outside the country (Weixin inside China). Connect to friends via nearby “radar”; “shake” phone to connect with others shaking at that moment; enter walkie-talkie mode; official brand platform with CMS; free and paid stickers and coupons; share multimedia files


    A small tagline

    Sept 2015 900 million mark for monthly, active users. BBC News was the first to experiment with editorial content on WhatsApp in 2014, most notably with its Ebola WhatsApp “lifeline” information service targeting those in West Africa.  Used to solicit audience opinion and contributions particularly language services.


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    Publishers joined  in November 2014 with the launch of Public Chats, a format whose name accurately describes its functionality. News organizations on the platform generally utilize Viber to broadcast text-based group discussions between their team members to the web in real time


    Why we are all falling in love with newsletters again: a smart filter in a noisy world


    An email service provider

    Allows plain text or RSS to email newsletters. Tinyletter offers even simpler options.

    Facebook + Newsletter

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    Making the most of your video content 


    Over a billion users–almost a third of all people on the Internet

    1. Present the account well, promote it on other channels and add links top right corner.

    2. Cultivate conversation include calls to action.

    3. Optimise your story with great titles and thumbnails that are both clickale and shareable across devices and platforms.

    4. If you can team up reactivate broadcast or archive content to generate new value.

    5. Become the trusted, go-to source

    6. Provide pop-up windows or banners in the videos, links to websites using Cards or fundraising having a presenter or graphic point out other options to viewers

    7. YouTube provides a large amount of data to support channels in making the right choices, including information on who likes or dislikes videos; viewers' age, location, language; how long people watch content and at what point they leave






    More than just a medium


    In depth and investigations

    Some beautiful storytelling with Instagram. Start a campaign that people can get behind. Use hashtags. Create brilliant posts on Instagram. More advice on what works. Ukraine summer 2014 . Tagsforlikes and tagstagram for hashtags. For long form storytelling


    CJ Chivers New York Times

    Use it to 1. highlight feature content 2. resurface archive content under a new theme 3. Respond to a news event by creating a board 4. Show local knowledge, connections, interests. 5. Reach new audiences. Note that Pinterest analytics are poor unless you pay for business.

    Photo groups

    Flickr 500px

    News organisations are increasingly seeing group hosting as a way to connect with audiences. Be sure who else is hosting if it's not you

  • Audio distribution

    Fast becoming the most popular content distribution type thanks to easy recording and editing


    From phone to radio show

    Distribute content within investigative news networks, create shows specific to a crisis.


    Direct distribution from your phone

    Record up to 10 mins from your phone. Connect with top content on exiled media from Frontline Club. Edit meta data before saving.


    Upload and portable

    A great place to upload audio from desktop with good tagging, search and titles: a standalone news element to use with other stories.


    RSS via iTunes

    You can connect your blog with iTunes to create a podcast whenever audio is included in the post.


    Distribute your content on other writing platforms

    Publishing platforms


    Linkedin pulse

    Wikipedia pages



    Fantastic news and publishing platforms for great stories and investigations = new audiences

    Collaborative journalism







    Interested in joining up with a team to produce in-depth reporting and get paid? Be the go-to person for your region


    Guardian Witness

    BBC Worldservice

    Huffington Post

    It's not about stealing or syndicating but rather being known for great stories


    Video sales

    Rumble viral - US agency across Vines etc.  $3-500 
    Storyful - News Int so expensive  160+vat 
    Break  - expensive £200
    Jukin media  - nice network £1-120
    News flare - good for UK. They licence things and have very clear copyright but they do that through an app they do they have lifting. Deal is £80+vat
    Defy media - same company as break clips
    Video plugger - not great. 
    Viral hog - live leak


    Scraping Aggregating Curating Automating


    Recipes If This Then That

    A very powerful tool to connect accounts and move content automatically. Search through pre-existing recipes. Eg favourites in Twitter automatically to Diigo; new blog posts to Facebook page


    SpundgePaper.li Scoop.it

    Paper.li is great to filter your stream of inbound content (it curates from what is destinated to you pulls in content from: Twitter, Facebook and around the web up to 25 feeds.), while Scoop.it is designed to help you publish (by means of curation) an outbound media. Spundge for journalism


    Diigo Pocket Readlater

    Using social bookmarking is the best way to share links, create group reading lists, feeds and more. Tags let you find and improve your research


    Simple but effective

    Set up to email you with updates from around the web. Good for tracking topics and your news organisation. When you set up the alert key word and 'select options' for content type, time etc


    Information availability

    RSS feeds

    Move content

    Page2Rss allows you to create an RSS feed from any website. The main building block of content movement. Netvibes, Flipboard and Addictomatic for content gathering


    “Far from cannibalising news and media
    traffic social media is helping to
    drive traffic to news sites.”

    James Murray, Hitwise


    For Instagram. Click on statistics to find out likes, comments followers received and lost. Gives growth, love rate, talk rate, spread rate (This is about engagement beyond your followers. How much of the likes you receive come from people who don't follow you). Explore down the LHS for community, engagement, optimisation, density


    Link shortening tool with inbuilt analytics. You need to log in and then shorten the link. It will then track the movement of that link - cool. Total clicks etc. You can also brand your shortened links - nice touch!


    Sign up to receive free daily email alerts for your company, product, a news topic or even a competitor.


    Let the results speak for themselves.


    Acquisition To find out how people arrive on your site Acquisition all traffic channels explorer tab ‘source’ at the bottom. Direct is if they have added the URL specifically. If you look under Acquisition (formerly Traffic Sources) > Social > Network Referrals, you can see how Facebook stacks up against other top social networks for driving traffic to your website. You can drill down here for Pinterest analytics too.


    To find where your audience are coming from Audience Geo Location. Click on the country for more detail eg city/town. You can use secondary dimension to add - so people from Scotland secondary dimension landing page will tell me where the people from Scotland came to first. Look across for average session duration, bounce rate etc, avg session duration.


    Segments allow you to drill down. To find out, of the people coming to the site from Scotland how many of them are from mobile devices Reporting Audience Geo Location click on UK + add new segment Technology Mobile. Just remove the segment (you can always re-add it) save the segment. Go into Behaviour new versus returning and + segment - you are now applying that segment to new report, so how many new versus returning are from Scotland.


    Important for removing and manipulating data such as taking out your own IP addresses. Search ‘what is my ip address’ on Google then: Admin view (all website data) filters + new filter, filter name predefined select filter type: exclude traffic from IP addresses equal to save. Search through other filters to see what is of use to you: + new filter custom select field








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